Long time no postings, so let's correct that lapse without new material. Three good things have been laying on my desk for weeks and they are overdue for a mention. First up is the exciting news of the founding of the International Guitar Hall of Fame by Arlen Roth in Cooperstown, New York. The museum expects to open it's doors in a couple of years and will feature all the greats of guitar from every genre and Emily's name is on his list. Great news for all those who appreciate the history of guitar and so nice that Remler's legacy will have a home. Visit his website for more information about inductees and of course donations to his cause are most welcomed. Next up is the newest release from NYC jazz guitarist Rick Stone. We have featured Rick's albums before, he has adored Emily for years and his latest includes his composition for her, the samba driven Key Lime Pie. Read Fractals review here and pick up the release from his website or CD Baby. Third on my list, but not the least, is a guest transcription of Gerri's Blues from supporter and longtime fan, Fulvio Vardabasso. Fulvio is a jazz guitarist living and working in Trieste, Italy and shares this hand written transcription from an earlier time when he was a student of music. He has made many transcriptions of great jazz solos including a few from Remler, Parker, Coltrane and Evans. Vardabasso said he's always been impressed by Emily's flow of ideas and her strong rhythmic command. So are we, thank you Fulvio. We are so happy to share his transcription efforts with all students of Emily's music. Download Gerri's Blues PDF.