A New Promise, Sheryl Bailey's exceptional album in tribute to Emily grabs some international press with this public radio interview from Radio France Internationale.

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From RFI with Alison Hird: US jazz guitarist Sheryl Bailey can chop it with the best of them. She's a guitarist with Klezmer Madness and Abraham Inc. (both led by virtuoso clarinetist David Krakauer), while her solo career has seen her interpreting the diverse talents of Louis Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix. On her latest (6th) album A New Promise, she joins forces with the 16-piece Three Rivers Jazz Orchestra from her hometown of Pittsburgh, showing she's equally at ease with a big band ensemble. Together they pay homage to the late forerunner female guitarist Emily Remler. The album features three of her pieces - the samba-inspired 'Carenia', 'Mocha Spice' and 'East to Wes' in tribute to her hero Wes Montgomery - as well as Bailey's own compositions. "Remler was a fantastic guitarist, the first woman to gain prominence both nationally and internationally," says Bailey. "I feel like it was humbling to dig into that and try to pull something out of me that would be lasting in her honour." While for Bailey "there’s only one list… there isn't a separate list for female guitarists", she recognizes Remler helped pave the way for gender not to be an issue. "Certainly at that time it was a big deal… it was incredibly hard for her (in the 80s) to break through and be taken seriously…. For me it was a tribute to someone who opened a lot of doors for me." To a degree Bailey now opens doors for others, proffering sound advice to her budding students at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Hard work is the key but also "be a nice person… and always give 100 per cent… you never know who's listening to you!"

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