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Bebop & Swing/Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation Inserts

Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation Booklet

Bebop & Swing Guitar Booklet

Transcriptions: Full Songs

Afro Blue ~ ATE

A Taste Of Honey ~ Cope

Ballad For A Music Box Full Transcription ~ Strait

Ballad For A Music Box Lead Sheet ~ Strait

Blue Bossa ~ Guitar Jazz Tabs

Blues For Herb ~ Strait

Carenia ~ Horne

Carenia Chord Chart ~ ATE

Charleston Swing ~ ATE

Daahoud ~ Starglasses

East To Wes ~ Sorenson

How Insensitive ~ ATE

In A Sentimental Mood ~ Jiro

In Your Own Sweet Way ~ Cope

Majestic Dance ~ Blanco

Red Blouse ~ ATE

Red Blouse Lead Sheet ~ Horne

Second Childhood ~ Cope

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise ~ Outram

Summertime ~ ATE

Sweet Georgie Fame ~ Marquez

You Know What I’m Sayin’ ~ ATE

We Three Kings ~ Cope

Transcriptions: Practice Pieces – Solos ~ Intros

Arubian Nights Solo ~ Hartman

Ballad For A Music Box Intro ~ Strait

Bb Blues Guitdetones Exercise ~ ATE

Bb Blues Power tab ~ Blackman

Bb Blues Head, Notation and tab ~ Stapledietgtr

Blues For Herb Head and Solo ~ Strait

Blues For Herb Head ~ Clunn

Blues For Herb Power Tab ~ Blackman

Blue Bossa Solo ~ Townend

Blue Bossa Guidetones Exercise ~ ATE

D Natural Blues Remler Style Video Lesson ~ Fenocchi

Daahoud Solo ~ Franco

East To Wes Chord Leadsheet ~ Marquez

Gerri’s Blues ~ Vardabasso

In The Pocket ~ ATE

Joy Spring Solo ~ Abbagliati

Joy Spring Solo ~ Hartman

Laid Back ~ ATE

Major to Minor Guidetones Exercise ~ ATE

Mistreated But Undefeated Blues Solo ~ Lee

Snowfall Head ~ Clunn

Strollin’ Solo ~ Keskitapio

Sweet Georgie Fame ~ Cope

That’s My Eb Minor ~ White

Waltz For My Grandfather head ~ Strait

Waltz For My Grandfather chord/melody ~ DiSalvo

Road Notes – handwritten chord progressions by Emily


Blues For Herb




My Funny Valentine

Hot House

How Insensitive

Ill Wind

McCoy Tune

Mocha Spice ~ How Insensitive


My Latin Brother ~ Pent Up House

Secret Love


The Seeker

What’s New

Who Can I Turn To

Other Transcriptions

Ave Maria ~ Strait

Christmas Time Is Here ~ Strait

Samba do Aviao ~ Cope

Samba do Aviao video version ~ Cope


Carrying The Torch: Sheryl Bailey Remembers Emily Remler

Guitar Player Magazine – September 1981: Remler Debut.

People Magazine – April 1982: Lookout: A Guide To The Up and Coming.

Down Beat Magazine – Combined: May 1982 Profile and May 1985 Life After Wes.

Jazz Journal International Magazine – March 1988: Emily Remler.

Jazz Times Magazine – March 1988: Feature.

Jazz Times Magazine – June 1989: Before & After Series with Leonard Feather.

Ford Times Magazine-November 1989: The Lady Can Swing.

KJaz Line Publication – May 1989: Bio Brief.

Berklee Today – Fall 1989: Emily Remler First Impressions.

Guitar Player Magazine – April 2000: Remember.

Guitarra Magazine – Nov. 2009: Mulheres Guitarristas.

Waiting On Dizzy – Gene Lees Interview and commentary.

Guitar Technique Magazine – Oct. 2012: Greatest Licks Series with Pete Callard.

Newspaper Reviews/Articles

Emily Remler, New Guitar Virtuoso At Blue Note by John Wilson: New York Times April 1982

Blue Note Festival Review by John Wilson: New York Times April 1982

Sophisticated’s Lady Guitarist; an interview by Leonard Feather: Los Angeles Times Feb. 1982

Concert: Guitar Festival by John Wilson: New York Times May 1985

Noted In Brief: Emily Remler and 2 Singers Perform by John Wilson: New York Times Jan. 1985

Intense Remler Jazzes up Crowd: by Alan Greenblatt: The Cavalier Daily Sept. 29th 1987

Blues Alley Jazz Club review by Mike Joyce : The Washington Post Dec. 1987

Jazz Peers Respect Her Talent: by Lonna Baldwin: Spokane Chronicle Jan. 15th 1988

Remler Shatters Notions at Vine St. Bar & Brill; a review by Don Heckman: Los Angeles Times July 22nd, 1988

Vine St. Bar & Grill review by Leonard Feather: Los Angeles Times Feb. 1989

Double Gutiars Pass Sellout Crowd’s Test: by Bob Karlovits: The Pittsburgh Press Feb. 25th 1989

Remler Plays In Trance by Nels Nelson: The Philadelphia Inquirer June 1989

Guitarist Learns To Live In A Man’s World by Bob Protzman: St. Paul Pioneer Press July 1989

Emily Remler and All That’s Jazz by Neil Nelson: The Washington Post July 1989

Dakota Jazz Club review by Bob Protzman: St. Paul Pioneer Press Nov. 1989

Emily Remler Plays One Smokin’ Guitar: by Don Adair: Spokane Chronicle Nov. 24th 1989

Remler Warms Cold Night For Crowd: by Don Adair: Spokane Chronicle Nov. 28th 1989

Worcester Jazz Festival review by Peter Landsdowne: Worcester Telegram & Gazette Feb. 1990

Honorable Mentions

Jazz Guitar Life interview with Russ DeFilippis: 2004.

Jazz Guitar Life interview with Joshua Breakstone: 2005.

Just Jazz Guitar interview with Marty Ashby: 2009.

Jazz Guitarists by Tony Oreshko.

Emily I Will Carry You by Michael Ducey.

Private Lessons

Audio files, indexes and related documents for Lessons with Emily. Click on the icons and blue titles to download

From Sheryl Bailey
Picking Dynamic Study

From Joel Turoff
1. Lesson: Jazz Minors ~ January, 1985
Jazz Minors 1
Jazz Minors 2

2. Lesson: Walking Basslines – Subdominant Minors ~ Spring 1985
Walking Basslines – Subdominant Minors

3. Lesson: I Substitutes – Whole Tone Scales ~ Fall 1985
I Substitutes / Whole Tone Scales

4. Lesson: Four – Guidetones – Oleo ~ Summer 1986
Four/ Guidetones / Oleo

5. Lesson: Metronome – So What ~ Fall 1986
Metronome / So What 1
Metronome / So What 2

6. Lesson: Whole Tone Scale – Searchin’ ~ Fall 1987
Whole Tone Scale / Searchin’

7. Lesson: Misty – Joy Spring ~ 1988
Misty / Joy Spring

8. Lesson: Rhythm Changes ~ Summer 1988
Rhythm-Changes / Rootless Chords / Tri-tones 1
Rhythm-Changes / Rootless Chords / Tri-tones 2

9. Lesson: Equinox ~ January 1990
Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 1
Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 2
Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 3

Links of Interest

Funkallero with Frank Gibson

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