Sydney, Australia

~ How Insensitive ~

Here's Emily playing one of her all time favorite Jobim pieces, a performance from Tonight With Steve Vizard in early May of 1990, the beginning of the tour that never was to be



~ Tenor Madness ~

Enjoy this Sonny Rollins classic that aired on Australian TV in May 1989, on the very popular Ray Martin Midday Show out of Sydney.



Berklee School of Music: Boston, Massachusetts

Emily & John Scofield ~ Stella By Starlight ~

Classic Scofield, Classic Emily. Too bad the audio is such poor quality, but still a wonderful moment captured for us. 1988 Alumni Performance.



Emily & John Ambercombie ~ Nunca Mais ~

Emily really swings on this live version of her original composition. It's an incredible showcase of her gifts for rhythm and lead which is her definition of a complete jazz musician, doing both and doing them both superbly. 1988 Alumni Performance



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