A new addition can be found on Emily's lifeworks menu that will showcase a handful of live performances from her touring days, simply titled Unpublished. This page contains a modest collection of amateur recordings from all over the U.S. and abroad that range considerably in quality yet deliver extraordinary fleeting moments of Emily under the lights and on a stage where she transcended her art. What few concerts exist are coveted jewels of her promise long gone and of immeasurable worth to all that yearn to hear one more song, one more solo, just one more time. Enjoy the sounds, the names and places that are part of this incredible privilege to hear her again, live and unedited.

If you have only admired Emily's work through her studio albums, prepare to be overjoyed.

It is especially nice to be able to offer these unprecedented recordings as All Things Emily approaches our 3rd year anniversary with you. We are grateful to all our readers, supporters, friends and fans. It has been an enlightening and inspiring experience because of you.