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Opener Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise based on Emily's arrangement immediately evokes a dreamlike floating quality with an exceptional time-feel that shows just how far it's possible to lay back and still groove. Both guitarists utilize a classic, warm, clear but distinct jazz tone - Deirdre's early 60's Epiphone Casino elicits a slightly brighter sound with a touch more reverb added than Kathy, who sounds like she's mostly playing her Taylor T5 hybrid electric/acoustic.
All The Things You Are is explored with a fresh variety of approaches and a mellow interlude where both guitars sustain intricate single note runs simultaneously while keeping the aura of the harmony intact. The differing styles of the duo are most apparent when soloing - Dyson's lines are often very horn-like in their phrasing and development, whereas Cartwright has the more guitaristic approach that is both lyrical and inventive.
To The Seagull a Pablo Neruda poem set to music by Kathy swiftly moves from a meditative to lively pace guided by guest vocalist Sarah P's precise warm tones. Hello World a Cartwright original written especially for the duo features a searching melody that unfolds in a delightfully unpredictable way over a bossa feel - a real gem that catches the ear immediately.
Afro Blue/Sonnet For Emily is an emotionally charged take on Remler's arrangement of the tune with added spoken verse from Sarah P. The real highlight is the way Kathy recreates and extends Emily's brief original solo - it really is played with a lot of soul and emotional pull.
8 On 12 a follow-the-leader type completely improvised exchange is a light-hearted diversion before the intensity of How Insensitive - a tune deeply loved by Remler and played here by the duo with a wistful elegance. Broadband, a 16 bar and 12 bar blues grooves well with some striking interplay and seamless transitions from comping to soloing from both guitarists. Whirligig penned by Dyson, a jazz lullaby, features a playful and pleasantly dizzying call and response section and gently rounds off the album.

The compelling storytelling nature of Cartwright and Dyson's guitar playing with their high emphasis on melody and expressive qualities are the elements that truly bind them so closely to the musical spirit of Emily. This is a thoroughly engaging and inspiring album that is a fitting tribute to Remler and also showcases the sheer strength and diversity of Cartwright and Dyson as players, composers and arrangers. - Simon