Sheryl Bailey dug around in her memories trunk and shares a picking dynamic lesson she received from Emily years ago. Sheryl credits this particular lesson as being one of the studies that has shaped the way she plays guitar the most. She stresses how it improves the control of the accent in the phrase and this is what really helps you develop a strong swing feel.

PickingDynamic In summary she says that by concentrating more on where the accent is in the phrase - even more than what the note is - that's the thing that gives your playing the push and the drive, and will also help develop a relaxed right hand with that light "bounce" (how the pick hits the string) you need to play uptempo or double-time phrases.
Thanks to Sheryl for sharing another pearl of wisdom from Emily's private lessons. Click the PDF icon to view Emily's original handwritten lesson and Sheryl's printed version.

Mark your calendars, Sheryl will be appearing for a special performance of music from "A New Promise", her tribute album to Emily on March 25th, 2013 at the historic Bohemian Caverns in Washington D.C.  Read Sheryl's article about Emily and her album, New Promise by clicking here.   For all the latest on Sheryl visit her website,