If you have put some TLC into tabbing or writing out any of Emily's exercises or songs and wish to make them available for other players, here's the venue. Simply attach a copy of the prepared piece in PDF or JPEG form with any other relevant information and click on the address below.

Most recent additions are always at top

Majestic Dance


For more than thirty years Àlex Blanco of Barcelona has been passionate about music in numerous ways as a performer, a composer, engineer and producer to name a few, and always with a purposeful dedication to enable and enlighten others to the magic of music. His particular fondness of Emily has led him to transcribe and record select pieces of her work over the years and he has graciously shared Majestic Dance, a transcription that had not been available to players before now.

This latin infused song is from her last recorded 1990 album, This Is Me and is one she also performed as a solo guitar piece for the Jazz Masters DVD Series. Àlex is a superb musician and on his website you will find a wonderfully diverse selection of transcriptions from many of his favorite players and composers for solo guitar and also recordings of his most beloved songs with compositions from Emily, Pat Metheny, Bill Evans, Lennon & McCartney and Jaco Pastorius.

Thank you Àlex, for sharing your life long passions with us for all to enjoy. Visit him at Guitarra Sola for more information and performances.

Blue Bossa Solo

BossaSoloGuitarist and instructor Andrew Townend shares his transcription of Emily’s Blue Bossa solo, that she plays in her Advanced Latin Improvisation Video. It’s a great solo of continuous eighth notes over the changes, and her feel and blues phrasing are excellent! Andrew has more jazz transcriptions, teaching advice and information on his website AndrewTownendMusic.com — Thanks to him for providing this valuable lesson for all students of Emily.

Mistreated But Undefeated Blues

MistreatedDaniel Lee of Adelaide, South Australia shares his solo transcription of Mistreated But Undefeated Blues, comparing Emily’s work to the original Ray Brown tune. Mr. Lee is currently writing a University Thesis on our favorite lady of jazz guitar, titled, “Emily Remler – Product or Prodigy ?” that intends to prove Emily is anything but just another cookie cutter graduate of Berklee University.

Blues For Herb full transcription and Head/Solo sheet


New York musician, Robert Strait shares an precise transcription of Emily's tribute to Herb Ellis. "The first time I heard Blues For Herb, my jaw hit the floor. The head is so classic AND inventive. Her solo is incredible...it has soul, feeling, tone, and unbelievable phrasing and timing. It's harmonically simple AND incredibly complex. Emily also executes melodic tension and release in this solo with a master's touch. She uses chromaticism, chord substitution, and other devices to take the solo really outside at times but she NEVER loses her connection to the melody. Transcribing it has been challenging because her rhythmic phrasing is often impossible to get on the page. It's definitely up there with my favorite jazz blues solos of all time...there is a lifetime of study to be had from this one solo.". Our gratitude for Rob's diligence and sharing it with us at AllThingsEmily. Click the links below to view the PDF.

Blues For Herb      Blues For Herb head and solo

That's My Eb Minor Exercise

Trevor White has generously shared his transcription of Emily's "This Is My Eb", variations on E flat minor scales that she played over A7 chords. This exercise is taken from her instructional video, Advanced Jazz and Latin Improvisation, and he is sure other students of jazz guitar will enjoy having the information from this exercise at their fingertips when improvising over dominant 7ths. We appreciate Trevor for his diligent work and for sharing with her fans. Click the graphic or the PDF icon to download.

In A Sentimental Mood

Japan native, Uedo Jiro begins his life long love affair with jazz music and transcriptions by sharing his first Emily arrangement of In A Sentimental Mood.
"When I first heard her album "Firefly", I was completely fascinated with her guitar sound and musical talent. And I began to make transcriptions, such as "Perk's Blues", "Strollin'","Look To The Sky" and "For Regulars Only".
Emily's "In A Sentimental Mood" was particularly special.
I think this tune is her best performance. It contains her sense for beauty and melancholy, that's how I came to love her music.
~ Ueda Jiro

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

East To Wes Chord Lead Sheet

Long time supporter Robert Marquez from Argentina shares a hand written transcription of Emily's composition East To Wes, off the same titled album from 1988. Click here or the graphic above to view and download.

Blues For Herb and D Natural Blues Power Tabs

Clive Blackman has been a long and patient supporter of the website and shares power tabs for two of Emily's most popular tunes, Blues For Herb and D Natural Blues. For those that struggle with lead sheets, these power tab versions will make things very clear. His tab from Herb is based on Emily's live version from Guitar Masters, viewable on Em-Casts page three, and his work on D Natural Blues was taken from the opening of her lesson video, Bebop and Swing Guitar. Thanks to Clive for his hard work in transcribing and for sharing it with us to make available to everyone else. Click on the power tab graphics above or download from the links below.

Download Blues For Herb Power Tab PDF. Download D Natural Blues Power Tab PDF.

Gerri's Blues

GerributtonWe welcome the guest transcription of Gerri's Blues from supporter and longtime fan, Fulvio Vardabasso. Fulvio is a jazz guitarist (catch his sound here), living and working in Trieste, Italy and shares this hand written transcription from an earlier time when he was a student of music. He has made many transcriptions of great jazz solos including a few from Remler, Parker, Coltrane and Evans. Vardabasso said he's always been impressed by Emily's flow of ideas and her strong rhythmic command.

Download Gerri's Blues PDF.

Sweet Georgie Fame

Tom Cope is officially retired and couldn't be busier! But at least he is still finding time to play more and much to our delight, transcribe more. Here is the PDF of his latest effort, Emily's version of Blossom Dearie's, Sweet Georgie Fame.

As a bonus, he also shared two versions of a wonderful Nelson Faria piece (Faria appeared on Emily's last album, This Is Me) called Samba do Aviao.
Click here
for Samba standard version and Here for Samba Video version. Thanks Tom.

John DiSalvo was kind enough to share his chord/melody leadsheet for Emily's composition, Waltz For My Grandfather, the first for this lovely piece from her second album, Take Two.


Student and musician Owen Clunn from Australia offers his handwritten notes for
Snowfall and Blues For Herb.


Tom Cope surprises us with a real holiday treat, Emily's arrangement of We Three Kings. Enjoy this Christmas classic with a twist of Emily's supreme sense of arranging.

Francesco Franco shares his transcription of Daahoud Solo with brief harmonic analysis. Very nice work from another Emily fan.

Tom Cope put a lot of TLC and BS&T into these new Emily transcriptions for solo guitar that span her career start to finish with A Taste of Honey featuring a ‘Bonanza Bassline’ from her very first album, Firefly and the lovely and intricately layered tune Second Childhood from her last recording, This Is Me. You can send your thoughts and appreciation to twcope@comcast.net.

Enjoy this transcription of Emily's solo from a Horace Silver tune, Strollin', courtesy of jazz guitarist Terho Keskitapio from Finland. Visit his Myspace page to hear more. Click the icon below for PDF. strollin

Argentine, Roberto Carlos Marquez was quite struck with Emily's version of Sweet Georgie Fame from beloved composer Blossom Dearie that first appeared on East to Wes album though she played it often in live performances. Roberto is a former student of Francisco Rivero, Argentina's most renowned player, composer and educator for jazz guitar (Click here for a listen) and has also proudly integrated Emily's advise into his development by using minimal equipment, recording his own comp for lead study and naturally devoted use of the Metronome! He's open for reviews of his first Emily transcription, contact us if you have suggestions.

Joy Spring Solo

Mario Abbagliati

Emily took this Clifford Brown classic to new territory for jazz guitar when it appeared on her duo album Together with Larry Coryell in 1985. Internationally seasoned teacher and guitarist Mario Abbagliati has transcribed Emily's solo for us in beautiful exacting detail. For more information, samples of his sound or other jazz transcripts visit him at MarioAbbagliati.com or Blog de guitarra jazz.

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

This Romberg/Hammerstein original made a formal appearance on Emily's critically acclaimed album East To Wes and was a piece she performed many times at live venues. We are very fortunate to now have Emily's version as transcribed by Mike Outram, an accomplished Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Professor of Guitar at Trinity College. A beautiful piece that has a haunting melody delicately laced with harmonics. Visit Mike @ mikeoutram.com or @ Youtube.com


A saucy samba from Emily's last album, This Is Me, provided by John Horne, transcribed back in his Duquesne University days. For intermediate and advanced players, this lead sheet of an Emily original will add some Latin spice to your bands repertoire.

If you need more guidance for the chords, Click Here for Carenia's diagram chart.

Red Blouse

This version of Red Blouse, from J. Horne is a more professional and concise transcription. It's everything you need on just two pieces of paper, a necessary detail appreciated most when schlepping your own gear to solo performances. Less is definitely better.

Arubian Nights ~ Joy Spring Solos

From Charles O. Hartman, his handwritten drafts of Arubian Nights and Joy Spring solos both based from versions appearing on the album, Together


DaahoudAndy Key offers his take on Emily's version of this classic Clifford Brown song she made so popular on East To Wes. Click on the music score icon to see Daahoud and other jazz standards available from him.
Also check out Starglass.net for another take on Daahoud and other well known jazz favorites.

Blue Bossa

From Guitar Jazz Tabs, a nice transcription of Emily's original arrangement of Blue Bossa.