Merry Christmas and happy holidays to AllThingsEmily loyal followers and fans. We appreciate all the kind words and warm wishes shared by our visitors over the last year. To end the season we would like to showcase a few of our picks for great stocking stuffers that would please any jazz listener or player on your list.
Enjoy After The Snow Falls featuring Emily from David Benoit's 1989 album 'Waiting For Spring' .

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The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire - Ted Gioia


A beloved book by many students of jazz for its incredibly useful approach and information. Each song is covered in detail with discussions of who played it, how it was played, and how the tempos and approaches to the work have changed over time. The history included is a real bonus, learn who composed your favorite jazz standard and the story behind it, ending with a list of suggested recordings to explore. It's a must have for jazz guitarists.

"If you look up just one title in The Jazz Standards, before you realize it you will have spent an intriguing hour or two learning fascinating and new things about old songs that you have known most of your life." - Dave Brubeck

"Which is best: interpretation or song? In any case, jazz and standards are forever locked in loving embrace. A finely researched work." - Sonny Rollins

"This book should be in the library of every gigging jazz musician and every serious jazz fan; to the extent that these 250-plus pieces remain in the repertory, it will be relevant for years to come." - Library Journal

One - Jonathan Kreisberg


Emily fans will enjoy this solo guitar album by guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg, a recording that boasts an incredible range of material and introduces the world to his unique polyphonic approach. Although at times it's hard to believe, the entire recording is one man on one track. Modern jazz, a Brazilian mythical tale, folk, and improvised music for an imaginary science fiction soundtrack are all refracted through Kreisberg's prism to create a bold and complete tale.

"ONE covers considerable territory with nothing more than one man, one guitar. Kreisberg creates an impression of multiple guitarists by combining instrumental mastery with sleight-of-hand, effortlessly moving between bass, chordal and melodic roles to simultaneously imply all three." All About Jazz review John Kelman

A Meeting of Minds - Sheryl Bailey


Sheryl teams up with organist Ron Oswanski and Ian Froman on drums whose chemistry is simply undeniable as they deliver an energetic and harmonious groove with a swing and a swagger that will take you back in time.

"Bailey is without reservation among the very best jazz musicians who’ve picked up the guitar, from Wes Montgomery to Emily Remler to John Scofield. A Meeting of Minds brings together all her talents - as bandleader, composer, and guitarist, Bailey’s improvisations throughout the album are filled with long, flowing lines that are often blindingly fast but never lose sight of the tune. Oswanski’s B-3 playing is firmly grounded in the blues, and his solos are earthy and intelligently developed. Froman has accompanied Bailey on her other organ-trio discs, and his drumming is a constant delight -- he’s quick, musical, and utterly solid in his timekeeping duties. Having two musicians this good to work with gives Bailey the freedom to write great material." SoundStage review - Joseph Taylor

"The compositions here—all Bailey’s own—are modern in conception. The improvisational flights are forward thinking. The tonal quality of the recording is warm, yet with ample definition and dimension. Listen on a great pair of speakers or headphones and it’s easy to imagine yourself right there in the room with Bailey, Froman, and Oswanski." Guitar Player Magazine

It's About the Song... - MJ Williams Trio


This trio of veteran jazz players from Montana includes trombonist and vocalist MJ Williams, bassist Kelly Roberti and pianist Ann Tappan who team up for a second album of great jazz songs with passion and heart while paying homage to the greats, both past and present with compositions from Bill Evans to Sting and Thelonious Monk.

"Williams has a mature mezzo and distinct ability to bend any not blue, whether singing or on her horn." 5/4 Magazine

"Ann is not just another endangered jazz species from Montana. She displays superb phrasing and a Shearing-like minimalist style." JazzScene Magazine

"Roberti is an earthy and meticulous bassist whose lines underpin the ensemble with deep roots and flair… an heir apparent to the late Charles Mingus." LA Reader

Open Road - Pat Martino Documentary Reissue


The chronicle of Pat's journey back to music following the aneurysm that nearly ended his life and left him without memory or the ability to play his guitar. This is a memorable and fascinating story which features interviews thoughout with many jazz legends including Emily. Here is Emily's take on Pat Martino