Welcome a rare opportunity to listen in on a precious few private lessons from Emily and gain other insights into her teaching life, courtesy of former students who saved notes, recorded sessions and reminisced on their lessons long gone to share now.

For short lessons in techniques used by Emily from former students and columnists, click on the graphics below to view the full article. For audio lessons, scroll down to Joel Turoff.

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Introducing Joel Turoff You may remember Joel's name from one of the letters to the editor of Guitar Player magazine in the months that followed Emily's passing (see Good Words web page) as he left his written memorial for her in the August issue of 1990. By chance after contacting him for permission of reuse, he surprisingly extended an invitation to rummage through his trunk of material from lessons with Emily and accordingly this page was born.

Joel first got turned onto Emily's sound from a friend and guitar store owner who recommended he attend a local gig featuring Emily and Herb Ellis no less. That experience left quite an impression on the young freshman which eventually led to his lessons with her. Enjoy all the audio and relevant notations from those sessions and feel free to leave Joel your thoughts in the comment area at bottom of the page. We are very grateful for all his contributions. Want to know the rest of his story .... Read More >>>

Below are Joel's sessions, spanning some five years and at times many months passed between actual recordings but they are all excellent lessons within themselves and offer a a glimpse into a room that only a lucky few experienced. As Joel remarks, " each of these lessons is a master class in itself that teaches some larger "principle" that can be applied to all jazz playing.."

Click the title to download a quicktime audio file, the paper icons are indexes for each lesson and the folder icon contains other relevant material such as assignments, chord diagrams or related notes.

1. Lesson: Jazz Minors ~ January, 1985
        Jazz Minors 1 Jazz Minors 2

2. Walking Basslines - Subdominant Minors ~ Spring 1985
        Walking Basslines - Subdominant Minors

3. Lesson: I Substitutes - Whole Tone Scales ~ Fall 1985
        I Substitutes / Whole Tone Scales

4. Lesson: Four - Guidetones - Oleo ~ Summer 1986
        Four/ Guidetones / Oleo

5. Lesson: Metronome - So What ~ Fall 1986
        Metronome / So What 1 Metronome / So What 2

6. Lesson: Whole Tone Scale - Searchin' ~ Fall 1987
        Whole Tone Scale / Searchin'

7. Lesson: Misty - Joy Spring ~ 1988
        Misty / Joy Spring

8. Lesson: Rhythm Changes ~ Summer 1988
        Rhythm-Changes / Rootless Chords / Tri-tones 1 Rhythm-Changes / Rootless Chords / Tri-tones 2

9. Lesson: Equinox ~ January 1990
        Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 1 Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 2 Equinox / Modal and Cadence Approach 3