A click-able list of unique jazz sites found along the way that have heaps of great tips, tricks, learning material, sheet music, interviews, instructional dvd's, album reviews, gear critiques, guitar repair links and anything else you can think of.

An excellent resource for interviews, articles, lessons, reviews and so much more.

John Horne Guitar Studio

Rich and informative student resource site from dedicated Teacher/Musician/Performer John Horne

Jazz bassist extraordinaire, composer, writer, teacher, advocate, Kelly Roberti.

jazzguitar More lessons, articles and reviews.

A world of jazz knowledge at your fingertips.

jazz corner just jazz jazz times

starglasses.net Starglasses.net ~ Transcriptions and More from Teacher/Composer/Performer Andy Key

Jazz Guitar Online

Internet Radio broadcasts and Podcast sites.

There are many - here are a few of my favs click on the graphic to be linked.

Serious Jazz programing from NRP affiliate WFIU out of Indiana. Check out the archives and listen to the March show, Emily Remler: a Musical Remembrance.

Covering the eras of jazz--with special attention to recent recordings by both established artists and newcomers. Friday is usually "Vinyl Friday," which features memorable LPs.

The best extended excursions into Rock, Blues and Jazz.

No Idle Frets

A Nick Carver podcast that features only jazz guitar artists.

Ladyslipper Music

Ladyslipper Music. All women, all the time. Music performed by women, past and present. It streams very nicely to my iTunes or it has it's own media player. It features all genres, so don't expect jazz only, but it's still a great place when you're in a ladies only kind of mood.