Larry Coryell, the legendary jazz guitarist, sadly passed away peacefully last Sunday night at the age of 73 after two gigs at the Iridium jazz club in New York City.

Emily mentioned in an interview in 1989 that she was into Larry's music before she had even discovered Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino - citing Larry's 1972 fusion recording 'Offering', as an album that she loved when she was just 15 years old.

Larry and Emily's 1985 collaboration on Concord, 'Together' still stands up as one of the greatest jazz guitar duo recordings made. It's hard to believe that the album is out of print and only one track from it available on streaming services.

Larry's great music, influence and mentoring of younger players will certainly be missed. He had plenty of good words to say about the myriad of talented musicians he collaborated with and in his autobiography, 'Improvising: My Life in Music', he saved one of his most heartfelt for our lady of jazz guitar:"Emily was like a poet when she played."

All that is left to be said is, Together again.