For those among us with advancing jazz guitar skills who are seeking the wisdom of a world class player, Sheryl Bailey has the means and methods to deliver lessons and guidance right to your home. The arrangement consists of video lessons and material that is enhanced with audio, video and texting tools that will allow a personalized approach for every step along the way. It is a totally interactive environment that gives the student flexibility while working at your own pace and also includes classroom jams, discussion threads and other related activities. You get direct feedback, demonstrations and direction from Sheryl personally for all lessons.

Here's what a currently enrolled student has to say:

"I joined Sheryl Bailey's online guitar course, 'Bebop Dojo', 2 weeks ago now and it's been amazingly good! It really has lived up to all my expectations and works really well. It's impossible not to be inspired by her great playing, attitude and well thought-out teaching. Sheryl is very good at getting back to you quickly with video answers to questions and general feedback and if someone requests lessons on a certain topic she adds the material, so it's like a living, developing thing rather than just a set of lessons and that's it." Simon Crook

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