Available pages for All Things Emily.

    Our mission statement.

    As Leader
    Studio albums with her various trio’s and quartets.

    A condensed offering of her life story with relevant audio clips, links and major events time line chart.

    Send me a note, I will reply.

    A list of recognition for those who gave their assistance and helpful websites

    A concise, time saving list of available downloads that are scattered throughout the website.

    Photo gallery.

    Collection of her various music videos from Youtube with background information.

    Fan Forum
    Voice your thoughts about Emily.

    Good Words
    Articles and commemorations gathered from previously published sources that deserve wider recognition.

    Guest Appearances
    Featured guitarist on other albums or collaborations.

    Guest Transcriptions
    Various transcriptions of Em songs and solos generously offered from others.

    Guitars & Gear
    All available information about her guitars and related gear.

    This page gets updated with the most current news and information.

    Just Friends
    Page for memories from those that knew her best.

    Ladies Of Jazz Guitar
    Emily’s place in jazz history plus information about other women jazz guitarists and associated websites.

    Audio lessons and documents from some of Emily’s private sessions with former students.

    Books that contain interviews, memories and information about Emily and her music, plus links for newspaper articles from her playing days.

    Cover page containing album art from all her works and collaborations into one mosaic.

    Some of my favorite websites.

    Meet Your Host
    How it all began and a few of my personal recommendations.

    Open Mic
    Play it! A showcase for those that want to share a song in tribute to Em or play one of her favorites.

    Two players, one featuring all the videos from Em~casts without the commentary, and the other featuring women of jazz guitar in a simple multiple player form.

    Previously Recorded
    Songs from previous recordings released to compilations and ‘best of’ albums.

    Some of her best known quotes in both written and audio form.

    View all quotations that appear randomly in Threads of Thought column.

    Emily on tour in the company and comfort of her favorite trio/quartet colleagues Kelly Roberti, Brad Edwards and Bob Nell.

    Road Notes
    A collection of chord progression for some of Emily’s favorite jazz standards and original compositions she used touring on the road, written in her own hand.

    Special Collections
    Out of print articles and interviews that appeared through the 80’s in various jazz related magazines in PDF format.

    Select transcriptions of Emily’s practice pieces and full songs.

    Songs or album with dedications to Emily from other artists.

    Live performances from her touring days, often recorded by audience members and never published.

    A collection with buying options for her performance videos, lesson dvd’s and songbooks.