Daniel Lee of Adelaide, South Australia has generously shared his solo transcription of Mistreated But Undefeated Blues, comparing Emily's work to the original Ray Brown tune. Mr. Lee is currently writing a University Thesis on our favorite lady of jazz guitar, titled, "Emily Remler - Product or Prodigy ?" that intends to prove Emily is anything but just another cookie cutter graduate of Berklee University.
My point is to debunk the theory that Emily is “just another product of Berklee”.
To do this I am analyzing her improvised solos and comparing them to Wes (Montgomery) & (Pat) Martino’s style, who she admits are her main influences, looking for ripped off licks verses original ideas. Additionally, I will be comparing her compositions to those of John Scofield as he is also a Berklee alumni. During this process I have transcribed some of her solos and wanted to share them with all who might be interested in such a comparison. I am willing to hear from anyone who has other snippets of info that could assist me, even unfinished transcriptions or observations of Emily using phrases that Wes or Pat used. Enjoy - Daniel

Click here to email Daniel with your observations and related material.

MBsolo AllThingsEmily will be posting Daniel's thesis once completed, in the Summer of 2014. We appreciate Daniel's generosity and consideration to contact us and make his work efforts available to all. Stay tuned.