All Things Emily is blessed to have a global community of fans, friends and fellow musicians who have shared so much over the years to honor the memory of Emily and her music. It ensures that her legacy thrives for every generation. Fanfare for her music is of particular importance and leads so many of you here looking for her songs, her warm and wonderful phrasing, those basslines, that groove, so you can share in her joy through the notes. It is why we are proud to introduce a special page of Emily's music from transcriber and Emily enthusiast, Robert A. Strait.

Rob generously shared Blues For Herb in June, and was reminded of how nice Ballad For A Music Box was and transcribed it too. That earned him a page of his own and we have enlisted Rob to help us showcase more of Emily's unpublished works as a special feature in the future. You will find his work painstakingly accurate to Emily's every nuance with extra care given to each grace note, accent and articulation. This is an incredible tribute to Emily's life works and a brilliant addition to AllThingsEmily we know you will enjoy. Visit Strait's Corner to check out the latest additions and you may even find a few jazz standards from his other favorite jazz guitarists there as well. Play on, my friends, play well.