Musicians Institute has released another treasure of Emily Remler live from their archives circa 1983/84.
This fabulous 23 minute showcase features an incredible mixed set that includes:

    "Mozambique" and "Pedals", two originals from the 1984 album Catwalk
    One of the finest arrangements of Pat Martino's "Cisco" aka Gerri's Blues released on the 1985 duet album, "Together" with the late "Godfather of Fusion" Larry Coryell
    "Folk Song", a brief version of an unpublished favorite that Emily featured in full at the 1985 Worcester Jazz Festival
    And a sublime tribute to The Beatles with "Eleanor Rigby" to finish off the night.


  • Mozambique - Beginning
  • Cisco (Gerri’s Blues) - 4:11 mark
  • Pedals - 10:21 mark
  • Folk Song - 18:02 mark
  • Eleanor Rigby - 19:42 mark