Introducing Wolf Studio, an exclusive place for transcriptions and lessons of Emily’s compositions and favorite arrangements, including previously unpublished works for jazz guitar from musician and instructor, Wolfgang Kulawik. We will be utilizing Wolfgang's expertise and experience in the coming months and years to showcase some of Emily's most beloved and hard to find music and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with him. Scroll down to learn more about Wolfgang. Enjoy the wonderful selections already available in his library below and stay tuned for the first exclusive installment to be unveiled in September 2016.

Currently Wolfgang Kulawik performs music with friends and colleagues and continues to teach, compose and transcribe. His online guitar lessons have been going strong for seven years now and he is very proud and delighted to have attracted more than 11,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel. Visit him there and also check out his excellent website where you will find all his books and lessons and ways to purchase transcriptions for such popular tunes as Caravan, Four On Six, Cantaloupe Island, Black Orpheus and Cherokee. We sincerely appreciate his generosity in sharing his passion and knowledge with us so students of Emily's music will have unprecedented access to her most loved tunes.


Wolf's ATE Library

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If you enjoy Wolfgang's efforts and wish to donate use the Kul-Works button to support his craft. Thanks.



Born in Duisburg, Germany in 1955, Wolfgang began lessons for piano and guitar at the age of ten with two years of classical guitar training. At this young age his main interest was rock music with a heavy influence from Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher. After primary school he attended the University of Duisburg-Essen and left with degrees in Music and German. This is also where he first became exposed to the magic of jazz music. In the jazz department he was fortunate to have great teachers including most of all, John Thomas of New York who studied with George Benson in the 70s. For his thesis Wolfgang compared the works of jazz guitar legends Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery and this is where he first developed his gift for transcribing.

Wolfgang attributes the painstaking process of working with tape machines at half speed and repeating phrases over and over for helping to evolve his musical ear. Having a good ear doesn't only mean the ability to recognize pitch but maybe more importantly to the transcriptionist, being able to identify the rhythmic structure. So transcribing and composing songs, of which he has written hundreds, assisted tremendously in the development of a good ear and rhythm.


For 35 years, apart from being a high school teacher, Wolfgang is a guitar instructor on the Faculty Jazz Orchestra, who conduct jazz clinics at the "Studienzentrum of zeitgenössische Musik" in Burghausen, Bavaria. He has recorded two albums, previously toured with Gene Connors, Rolf Ericsson and Gitte Haenning and currently plays in the band, The SOL Session.

He came to listen to Emily Remler through German radio in the early 80s. He bought records when they were available, which wasn't so easy in those days, and enjoyed immensely the gift from a friend of Emily's "Advanced Latin & Jazz Improvisation" video cassette lesson. He has relished her playing ever since.