The New England Jazz Society has put together an incredible and growing online library of notable jazz concerts and related material from their archives which includes an extraordinary recording of Emily from 1985 featuring some of her most intimate solo playing ever captured on audio. Visit this Link and agree to the terms of listening to revel in familiar and first ever songs alike. The set list is not provided so refer to the index below for Track details.

Track 1    Folk Song ~ Trinity Track 2    Afro Blue ~ E Samba ~ Manha De Carnaval ~ How Insensitive Track 3    Mocha Spice ~ Pedals ~ Moanin Track 4    A Blues Track 5    Fried Pies (guitar/bass duo) Track 6    A Taste Of Honey ~ Eleanor Rigby ~ D Natural Blues Track 7    Watch What Happens (guitar/bass duo) Track 8    Polka Dots and Moonbeams ~ Cisco Track 9    Autumn Leaves (duo with Jane Miller) Track 10  Blue Bossa (duo with Jane Miller) Track 11  Summertime